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Monday, 5 May 2014

In The Flesh is back!

IN THE FLESH is back!! I sooo didn't realize they were doing a second series, but one of my work colleges asked me if I was going to watch the new show that was on this Sunday - yesterday - because it looks like the sort of thing I would enjoy, but she couldn't remember the name. And it is In The Flesh.

This fab show started last year. Basically, there was a Zombie Apolocolypse, and all the Zombies got carted off to a military unit where they were fed drugs to make them calm. They have been sent back in to society as PDS Victims (Partially Deceased Syndrome Victims).

The first series saw the main character go back to his home town, where a group called HVF decided to continue to hunt and kill these reformed zombies. I did a post on it because I just think the whole zombie prejudice was pure genius. That original post is here.

The new series is showing that to some degree some people have settled and are coping with the fact that society now has a mass amount of PDS victims, but then there are people who still aren't happy about it.

To make matters more complicated - and you know things are going to get worse - some PDS vicitims are listening to a guy called "The Undead Prophet" and basically they are taking this blue powder that lets them slip back into rabid zombie state and they are attacking people, which will naturally rock the boat for everyone.

*Takes a breath* As you might be able to tell I kinda like this series. It is the type of programme I watch and get so envious over the fact that a) I didn't come up with the idea/write it and b) that I'm not a part of it. Yes, sometimes I do miss acting. But if you like stories to do with zombies, and ones that are a little dark I really think you should watch this series because it is fab. It's on in the UK every Sunday at 10pm on channel 7. Otherwise I'm sure you will be able to find it online.

On a completely random note, I have the covers for She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood and I can not wait to chow them off on May 25th. I have started a cover reveal event over on Facebook for anyone who is interested. From May 1st - 31st I am going to be sharing book/series/character info along with my playlist, excerpts, and I will even be holding a giveaway for a set of signed, limited edition Blood Series release cards. So, hop on over and join in: https://www.facebook.com/events/1410424202566646/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_joined

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