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Monday, 12 May 2014


Today is going to be a short post on writing genres, or more to the point on writing more than one genre.

First and foremost I am an erotic romance author. I could say romance, but in truth even though I have - to date - only written one sweet romance, I do prefer to write erotic romance. I don't like closing the door on intimate scenes, because when you are writing such strong feelings between two characters I find as both a reader and a writer I want to soak in every single second of their connection and their journey together. So, yes, first and foremost I am an erotic romance author.

Now, you may have seen my author tag line somewhere at some point: A pick ‘n’ mix genre author. “I’m not greedy. I just like variety.”

When I started writing I threw that tag line out there for myself, because although I do tend to stick with the paranormal and contemporary genre I knew deep down that if my imagination ran wild and took me in different worlds, I wanted to make sure everyone knew I would run with it.

Up to this point all my books have been set in modern times, contemporary settings, I haven't gone or created a completely new world, nor have I do anything set in the future or the past. And most of my books have supernatural characters in them and fall under paranormal/urban fantasy because beyond all over genres they are the two that attract me the most.

So as you can imagine when I do decide to dip my toe in another genre it feels a little strange, which is the case with my recent project. I have mentioned it before briefly, the retelling of a Grimm Fairytale I am taking part in for Decadent Publishings, Beyond Fairytale Series call.

I have gone fantasy with this story, with a hint of paranormal added in. I am excited, and there are so many possibilities, but I have to confess I feel as though I am not quite in my body while I am writing this story - and I am 6.8K in at the moment - and I can't quite figure out why.

It's not like I haven't written outside my preferred genre before. Creak my erotic thriller was a first for me. I had no idea if I would be able to pull such a story off, even though it seems to be going down well with readers, but I never thought I would write a thriller. It was just a deliciously random idea, which I enjoyed and am thinking about possibly writing a sequel, but we shall wait and see. Then there is my sweet romance, Stepping Stones, which is being re-released with Bono Books soon. I didn't feel like I was out of my body writing that book, but the pace was a lot slower and well, different and I do still worry that it wont be up to par, especially if you're use to my other works. If you have read any of my stories there is usually a ton of profanity, sex and humour, which has been toned down in Stepping Stones.

But this current WIP of mine, I don't know if it's because it has been a while since I have written something brand spanking new, or if it is indeed the change of genre and the fact that I am creating a whole new world and form of existence - which yeah, it probably is - but I know I keep writing and then sitting there dreading that it wont make sense, or that it is rubbish.

It's normal for authors to feel this way about their work, but I really do think that such a feeling is amplified when it is a different genre. Usually we surprise ourselves though. I know I'm surprised at what I have written so far. I just hope that in the end I manage to write a decent Fantasy story, but at least I am making progress, and I will never know if it is any good until I finish it. So, I better keep cracking at it.

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