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Monday, 8 September 2014

Last Week!

Short post today. It is the last week of the Blood Series being on tour with both Read Between the Lines AND in general. If you would like to win a copy of She-Wolf (Blood Series Prequel) AND Cranberry Blood (Blood Series: Book One) OR the Blood Series exclusive prize then just hit this link - http://www.rbtlreviews.com/2014/09/giveaway-review-cranberry-blood-by.html - and leave an entry on the rafflecopter. It is that simple and the competition is pretty open at the moment so you have a very good chance of being one of the three winners.

The following is everywhere that Cranberry Blood will be featured this week. There is an interview and a guest post mingled in there, but you will just have to hit the links on the day to find them. ;-P 

The London Cat Sept 12
Indy Book Fairy  Sept 14

And now I have to run away and continue reading my paperback proof copy of Cranberry Blood. Once I have checked everything - tweaked the docs if needed, re-uploaded them and got the thumbs up - then both She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood will be available to purchase as paperbacks. Woop. Today was my two week mark. I was hoping to have them on sale from this week onward, but like I have said I would rather take my time and make sure everything is fine and then publish them, then just rush through, not check, just so they are on sale. So bare with me a little longer.

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