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Monday, 6 October 2014

October Events!

Forgive me for missing last Mondays post, I was away visiting family.

So it's like October. Sheer Madness. Naturally we are getting ready and leading up to Halloween, which of course means that many authors and blogs are holding/taking part in events for this spook filled holiday. Including me.

October 8th - Bex 'n' Books Pumpkin Patch 

Bex 'n' Books is holding a month long event on Facebook - Oct 1st to 31st - a new author is being hosted every day, which means you get to read excerpts from lots of books as well as winning lots of prizes.

My day is Oct 8th as you may have guessed. Excerpts from She-Wolf, Cranberry Blood, Creak and On the Rocks will be shared, along with some of my fave quotes, reviews etc. Not only will you have the chance to win some books within my 24 hour slot, but there is a month long rafflecopter competition going on, and the prizes are really cool.

~ * ~

Okay so this event isn't Halloween themed, and it is also not held online. Along with fellow authors I will be attending the Leeds Steampunk Market, which is being held at Armley Mills, Leeds, United Kingdom.

I will have paperback copies of She-Wolf: Blood Series: Prequel & Cranberry Blood: Blood Series: Book One to sign and sell, and will be giving out some swag packs as well. So, if any of you are from the UK and live near or around Leeds, well, it would be awesome to meet you. :)

~ * ~

October 13th to ? - Secret Event feature myself and Dianna Hardy

More info on this real soon, though I may be talking about it for next weeks post ;-p

~ * ~

October 21st - Things That Go Hump In The Night: Hosted by KD Grace

Another month long event - Oct 1st - 31st - hosted by the fabulous KD Grace. A new author every day and a month long competition with many awesome prizes.

I will be there on October 21st talking about how I love bad Vampires, and sharing an excerpt from my Urban Fantasy, Cranberry Blood: Blood Series: Book One.

So, that is what I am up to this month - along with starting Blood Series Book 2 - and I would love if you would join me. :)

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