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Monday, 26 January 2015

January has been exhausting

January has been a bit of an odd month for me. I can't say it's sucked, but I can say with complete honesty that it has been exhausting.

Putting it all in a nutshell; my mother has been ill over/since Christmas and I have spent the last three weeks going back and forth to the doctors with her, we've been to the hospital three times, and I have generally been running around after her. She's had a really bad viral infection, but on top of that she's been having chest pains, which naturally, when you have pains in that area you panic. Well, she's been checked and she's fine, but my mother suffers from OCD and she is very bad when she is ill. So, it's been a tough month and I have spent it feeling and being very tired and not really wanting to do much most of the time.

On top of my day job and doing a ton of over time, I have been trying so hard to get on with Blood Series Book Two. I've managed to add 5k this month. I have two word goals: I try to write 5k a week, but as long as I manage to do 10k for the month I wont beat myself up to it. 5k x 4 = 20k and yet 10k in a month? Yeah, it's a big difference, but I promised myself I wasn't going to put pressure on myself this year.

It everything that has been going on this month hadn't I might have hit 10k by now, but then again, I have had to change a scene between two certain blond(es) at least four times because it wasn't working. So, naturally that has taken a few days. I feel better about it now, or at least to the point that I feel I can move forward and on to the next scene.

I have one week left in Jan. I'm going to try and hit that 5k, which will bring the book too 20k. My aim is 60k, but I do think it will go way over that. Either way, wish me luck.

In case you didn't know, Blood Series has a Facebook page which is mainly where I tend to post updates, random facts, and often snippets - like the other day I hit 15k so I shared a snippet from Blood Book 2 - so if you're interested in keeping in the loop with my Urban Fantasy Series just head on over - https://www.facebook.com/TheBloodSeries?ref=hl

Hope you have all had a nice January so far. Here's hopefully February will be tons better. <3


  1. Sorry to hear about your mum. Hope she gets better soon! Well done on the writing - doing better than me, although things finally started to look up a little tonight :) Hugs. xx

    1. Thanks hun. She's already feeling and looking better so hopefully she will be back to her usual self soon.

      Thanks. Even if I don't hit my 10k goal this month I'm just going to be thankful that I have managed to write something, and more importantly, that I'm writing. After two years have having to polish, edit, and republish four books it's nice to sit and write something new.

      Don't you worry, hun. You will be filling the pages in no time. Words flow through me. That's my mantra when I'm bugged out about writing. It calms me. lol Hugs xxx