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Monday, 2 February 2015

Goodbye January. Hello February.

I didn't hit my 10k goal for January. *sigh* I hit 7k. Not so bad, I guess. Especially since I fixed the scene between my two blond(es) as well as padding out two other scenes. So I at least feel much better and able to move forward. Blood Book Two stands at 17k at present, but naturally it is a new month, which means I am starting over again with the goal of trying to get 10k written.

My mother feels much better so hopefully February will be a little calmer, but I have to say it is horrible not being able to write when you want too, but what's worse is when you have the time to write and you end up starring at your computer screen while feeling totally defeated. You end up giving up after a while - or at least I do if nothing is happening - and then feeling a million times worse for not being productive in that time you actually had, because you know that beyond a doubt that even though you know you have a couple of hours to spare tomorrow, something will pop up and steal them from you. So you beat yourself up. I told myself I wasn't doing that this year.

So, I am being positive about February. I already have the start of the next scene/chapter. I know what's going on for the next few chapters. I'm good, and I will hit 10k this month. It is totally doable.

At the moment I'm just happy that I'm working on Blood Book Two, because this baby has waited a good few years to be written. I just hope to god I pull it off. *fingers crossed*

Can you believe that January has gone already, though? Flew by. A lot of folks - here in the UK - took part in Dry January. Basically, they quit drinking for the month - and I think smoking as well? - which I think a lot stated they would do as a resolution, and it dawned on me that amongst the craziness of my January, I had actually started working toward my goals - I don't do resolutions. I set goals. I get that they are technically the same thing, but a resolution is something that has to be done within that year, whereas there is a little flexibility for goals. I know, it's cheating, kind of lol

Writing Blood Book Two was one. I also decided I wanted to join an amateur dramatics group. I have emailed one and they have added my name to their list so I will be invited to audition when they are preparing to begin their season - they run from May to November - and I have started my healthy eating kick - well, I only started 8 days ago lol - and have lost 3 pounds already as well as inches of my hips, waist and other areas.

So who knows, maybe I will reach all my goals this year. ;-) What about you; have you completed/started any resolutions yet?

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