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Monday, 12 January 2015

My first week in 2015

The first week or so of 2015 hasn't been great, not awful, but most of my family have been ill over Christmas and some of them are still unwell. I don't know how I have managed to not get sick *knock on wood that I still don't* but I'm very thankful that I have been well this winter.

I did come online on January 1st to find two fab 5 star Amazon customer reviews, though.

One was for Cranberry Blood: "Elizabeth Morgan once again pens an incredible read. Cranberry Blood is fast paced, gritty, sexy, urban fantasy full of action that catches you right from the start."

And the other for Stepping Stones: "Great characters, great storyline, well written, and definitely kept me intrigued!  I enjoy this author's writing style and look forward to reading more books by her!"

So, that was a nice kick start to this new year, and on top of those two awesome reviews I also got confirmation that myself - along with authors Ninfa Hayes, R.A. Smith, and D.A. Lascelles - will indeed be attending Yorkshire Cosplay Con on April 4th. Yay! So, if you live on this side of the pond - UK - and would be interested in attending an awesome convention and possibly coming to say hey to us, then you can find all the details here: http://www.yorkshirecosplayconvention.co.uk/event/yorkshire-cosplay-con-7.php

Also, I opened a Zazzle Store! In complete honesty I opened it a couple weeks ago, but I have been trying my best to get a decent start on creating products and making them available for you.

A few years back two of my fave authors opened Zazzle stores within a year of each other and I found it to be such a fab idea, but at the time I had no reason or need to open one. So, I save the idea away in the back of my mind. Last year, another of my fave authors as well as the lovely Dianna Hardy who is a very good friend and indeed one of my fave authors also opened stores up.

Well, I thought, "why not?"

I for one often find it difficult to pick good prizes for competitions. Having a zazzle store means that I have created merchandise with quotes on from my own work, and can purchase zed items for competitions. Plus, it also means that if any of you loved a particular quote of book then you can treat yourself to a keyring, or t-shirt; whatever you fancied.

Now, the store isn't finished because I can add to it constantly. At the moment I only have quotes etc. from my self-published titles; She-Wolf, Cranberry Blood, and Razel Dazzle. I need to look into whether I can take quotes from the books with publishers. So, until I find out the details over that, if there is a quote from one - or all - of the books mentioned above that you would love on a t-shirt or a bag etc. all you have to do is email me at - Elizabeth-Morgan @ hotmail . co . uk - and let me know what quote you would like to see and I will whip something up to put on sale using it.

If you're interested in what's up for sale just head on over and take a look around, but please be warned you might only see a necklace. I have emailed Zazzle to see why my store page isn't showing up. I have a feeling it might be because the content of the site is set at moderate, but I'm not sure. If you sign up to Zazzle you should be able to see the full store with all 24 products, but don't feel you have to sign up: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/elizabeth_morgan

Also, while you are there you might want to check out Dianna's store also: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/diannahardy

And lastly, I have so far added 2,500 words to Blood Series Book Two. I'd hoped to add more, but with my mother being one of my family members who have had a bad chest infection since Christmas I have been going to the doctors a lot with her, and other stuff has been going on, but never mind. 2.5K is a good start. So, the untitled book currently stands at 12.5k. I'm hoping to add more words to it tonight. Wish me luck!

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