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Friday, 9 January 2015

Steaming straight into 2015 with ... a diamond ring!

Wow! What a start to the New Year!

Firstly, my writing goal is 1000 words a day, minimum, starting from two days ago. I am on target so far, LOL. Let's hope it lasts. My current writing project is Disgraced (Saving Eve, book one), which you can see here: http://www.diannahardy.com/saving-eve-series.html

Secondly, I have been tidying our teeny-tiny flat for the last month because this is hopefully the year we move out! I can't tell you how excited I am :D But it is a task and a half, although I'm having fun doing it because, FINALLY, our goal is reachable.

Last, but not least, yesterday, my partner and I celebrated our ten year anniversary of being together as a couple ... by getting engaged! I didn't see it coming, which was great, because I see most things coming. He's my best friend. He's seen the absolute worst side of me, and also sees the best, often when no one else does. In the space of ten years we've had agonising arguments, and moments too beautiful to put into words. We are both Scorpios, which means we sometimes sting each other, but we always come back to each other, because no one else quite "gets" that thing about each other the way we do. In some ways, it's nice to have had ten years to figure that out first, because now, I don't feel like we're in the middle of a relationship, or near the end - I feel like we're about to begin all over again. We sort of are. I'm lucky I'm (still) in love with my best friend. Guess how happy I am :)

So... there's a hell of a lot to do this year: write three books, sell two homes, buy a new home, and all the other things that come with moving. Wedding plans can wait until after all that, but I can safely say, I couldn't do all this with a better person than I'm doing it with. I'm really glad I got the chance to say 'yes'.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Dianna xxx

P.S. Photo of "the ring" posted next week (it's currently being customised to fit my very, very small finger!).


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Fabulous way to kick start 2015! I'm so excited and happy for you. *hugs* <3 xxxxx