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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Vampire Poetry

I'm awful, because I never, ever promote this book. Recently, I've been concentrating so hard on my paranormal romances, that my dark, gothic poetry has taken a back seat. It's not fair on poetry, really, because it was poetry that inspired my first step into the realm of self-publishing, so indirectly, it was poetry that brought you my paranormal romances :)

Poetry is also one of those subjects that people like to roll their eyes at - you either love it or you hate it, or you love some styles and hate others. But people have, in the past two months, started to take an interest in my book, A Silver Kiss, for whatever reason. There's a combination of freestyle and rhyming poetry in this book, that looks at vampirism and everything it means from various points of view. I'm going to treat you to two poems below: Just A Scratch and A Silver Kiss. All further details and buy links for this book can be found here: http://www.diannahardy.com/a-silver-kiss-vampire-poetry.html

Just A Scratch

We're sitting in the park, the sun bouncing rays
off the roundabout's steel frame, and you're smiling,
my white angel, a smile so bright and wide
that I almost don't notice the shadow in my heart.

When did it start? I can't recall. Those darkest
of dark nights when shadows crept into my room,
like last night...

You toddle up and hand me a third pebble,
nodding once at me with knowing eyes
as if I should know what the pebbles mean.
I don't and desperately, I wish I did.

How do I rid myself of tainted need, of wanton
cries that bounced off cream walls when all purity
was sleeping?

Eyelashes glistening with golden beams,
you scream in laughter and throw your arms
around my neck, "Cuddle Mama, cuddle!"
And the world falls away. I am stranded
at the edge of Hell with you, my sweet,
your bare feet dangling over sin,
oblivious to the heat I almost
drop you in.

And still you light up every corner
of the concrete playground with
unbridled joy and childlike sound,
giving all of who you are and needing
nothing in return. You turn to kiss
the monster, holding death within
your hands, and your kiss burns
a hole in my frozen cage.

I turn away from Hell today,
but nothing saves me from your tiny
finger trailing two marks upon my neck.
You plant a healing peck upon the 'ouchies',
saying, "Wha, Mama? Wha dat?"
"Nothing, darling. Just a scratch."

copyright © Dianna Hardy, 2010
All rights reserved

A Silver Kiss

A silver kiss
upon my brow,
cold as ice
and scented of
the past and not
the here and now,
which streaks of

My blood boils
while my heart
freezes in time,
never again
to beat to
any living part
of nature, only

A silver kiss
upon my neck
has me bent
calling the moon
down to wreck
the ship saving

A silver kiss
I'll give to you,
upon your eyes,
upon your throat.
Trust me and
see all of who
you will be...

copyright © Dianna Hardy, 2010
All rights reserved

1 comment:

  1. Oh poetry. I do love poetry. I use to write poems, before I decided to try my hand at writing a story.

    I do love the angle of the first poem. I think it is sometimes easy to forget that vampires aren't always single and have no responsibility.