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Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Demon Bride: my own personal Hell.

Paperback edition,
released 31st Oct, 2012
I am potentially about 15,000 words away from finishing The Demon Bride. OR... I'm 25,000 words away, because it could be stretched into an 80,000 word novel. We'll see... but it's all taking off and I'm scared as hell. Can it live up to the first two books? It's darker, it's deeper, it's ... so much more complicated, and definitely more abstract. And although the romance aspect of the trilogy (boy meets girl and overcomes obstacles to be together) ends with this book, not everything will be wrapped up in a nice little bow, because we will be entering the sexy world of urban fantasy in the spin-off novel The Last Angel, and this novel will continue to take these characters forward... the ones left standing, anyway...

So I'm left with having to wrap up enough, to keep readers who don't want to continue to The Last Angel happy, but to keep those that do, on the edge of their seats.

I am mad. I must be. This book is driving me into certified lunacy.

It's gotten to the stage where I'm promoting The Demon Bride and the Omnibus Edition (well, I have to start now to get people interested), and I'm quaking in my boots, terrified that I can't do the series justice.

Anyway... deep breaths... why don't you come join me? There's enough room in Hell for everyone...

Sporting the eBook cover, released 31st August, 2012


  1. The book is going to be amazing! And you are going to feel so proud of yourself once you have finished! And you should. It will be fab because you care so much about the story and characters. :-D

    You can do it! You will! Positive thoughts!

    Are there BBQ spare ribs in hell? That could be a deal breaker if it's a no. :-P

  2. I believe that Satan is rather partial to spare ribs, whether barbecued or not ;)