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Monday, 18 June 2012

The lull before the storm

I am happiest when I am busy. Well, perhaps the word isn't happy, but I like being busy even if I have my stressful moments.

The first five months of 2012 seemed to have rolled by. I mean, seriously, it's going to be Christmas again in six months. As crazy as it sounds I measure my years by Christmas, and damn, it's going to be here in no time.

Any way, in a lot of ways the first five months of this year have been slow, but in a good way. The slight lull has given me a chance to look at ideas I've had and I've managed to pad them out a little more so there are actual stories there. I have managed to work a little on a new series - which I've had to put on the back-burner at the moment - and figure out the world etc. which I'm happy about. I've also managed to write a novella for one anthology and a short story for another. The novella was accepted, which I'm excited about - news when I have it. But sadly the short story was rejected, but I'm actually cool with that, because I felt that there was more to the story then the world limit would allow. Plus, I felt my story was a little too twisted for this particular anthology. So, silver lining to every cloud.

So, even though, during those 5 months I didn't feel overly busy, looking at all that I realise I was, but now the storm clouds are rolling in and I am having to look at my very loose writing schedule and tighten it up.

As you know my dark sensual paranormal romance, Cranberry Blood, is being released on July 2nd. The edits are done on that and I am eagerly awaiting my cover while I write blog posts and interview for the two weeks worth of promo I'm organising.

I found out the other day off my lovely editor that my sweet contemporary romance, Stepping Stones, is actually being released on August 6th with Noble Romance. So eek, I'm going through the manuscript to this shorter novel at the moment. As soon as my two hectic weeks of Promo are over for Cranberry, I have to start again and organise some promo for Stepping Stones. *pulls hair out* I actually enjoy promo, though, so I'm cool with that.

During all that madness, I am hoping to extend the short story I mentioned above, which should hopefully only take me a couple of days. *Fingers crossed* Then I plan to start the next book in The Blood Series, which is currently untitled, followed by Book 2 in The Overseers Series: The Keeper.

*Takes a deep breath then exhales*

Needles to say I am going to be very busy and I am super excited about it. I know, I'm somewhat crazy. :-D But I refuse to believe I'm the only one who loves to be run off her feet. Do you prefer to be busy?

I'm going to leave you with the blurb for my upcoming August 6th release, Stepping Stones, which is the first sweet romance I have written. I don't know if it will be the last. I don't like to say never when it comes to genres, so we shall have to wait and see.

~ * ~

Stepping Stones Blurb:

There's nothing like a wedding to bring the family together....

And if it wasn't her baby sister’s wedding, Margaret West wouldn't be returning home at all.

Why else would she go back after six years knowing full well that she has people to face, and explanations to give?

If her parents interrogation isn't bad enough, the fact that she has to be civil to her foster brother, Adrian, is. Best friends since childhood, they haven't spoken since he went to America... The day before Margaret was supposed to be getting married.

And to make matters worse, her ex-fiancĂ©, William, is the Reverend who will be conducting her sister’s wedding ceremony!

All want an answer from her, and they aren't taking no as one of them. Why did she run in the first place? Why has she been so angry with, Adrian? Why didn't she marry, William?

Margaret isn't even sure she knows the real reasons any more.

Coming August 6th 2012 from Noble Romance Publishing.


  1. Oooo, that sounds like it's going to be a tense story - excellent!

    I also like to keep busy. In fact, I give myself a hard time if I'm not run off my feet. It drives my other half crazy. He'd like a chilled out few days of us doing nothing, and I feel like I'm falling behind on everything when I do nothing, lol! But that's my issue - I need to let go a bit...

    I think a lot of readers don't realise the amount of work an author needs to do - (promo, marketing, networking) it's not just writing and re-writing. It's like having four full-time jobs o_O It's a good thing we love our craft :p xxx

  2. I really hope it is lol Or at least humorous. :-P

    I'm the same. If I have a lazy day I feel so bad about it and then tell myself off. But we need to have a day off every now and again, otherwise we will probably go crazier than we are.

    Certain members of my family don't see writing as a job. Annoying. But it is very hard sometimes. And yeah, great and totally worth it, but it is still a hard profession. xxxx