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Thursday, 14 June 2012

My new series, Project Veil

This is a bit of a lazy post, but I just realised that I've mentioned nothing on this blog at all about my shenanigans last week with my cover reveal for my new, upcoming series for next year. It's very exciting! I'm 25% of the way through writing it, although it's taken a back seat while I get The Demon Bride finished.

Anyway... here's the blurb, and cover for book one, plus a mini (very mini) excerpt - enjoy :)


The following excerpt is © copyright to Dianna Hardy, 2012. All rights reserved.

The angel leaned in closer, never breaking her gaze. “And what of your future?” he whispered, softly. “Who do you love completely in your future?”

The question startled her, despite the fact that she didn’t fully understand his reasoning behind it.

“They're my family,” she continued, irritated that she felt she had to justify her actions to this man. “They're my blood.”

His head bowed down towards hers. She was almost flush against his chest, his neck just centimetres away from her cheek. His scent took her by surprise. It was an intoxicating blend of coconuts and palm trees on a hot summer's day, with a hint of sand and sea. In fact, if she closed her eyes, she was sure she could hear the sea.

When he spoke, it was directly into her ear. “There are far greater things in your future than those that come bound by blood. Remember that.”


Published by Satin Smoke Press
eBook released 28th June, 2013
Paperback released 30th September, 2013
Jennifer Darwin has lost everything: her husband, her daughter, her entire life. A victim of the secret and illegal medical experiment, Project Veil, she has awoken from a coma, five hundred years into an unprecedented future.

Vampires and angels fight for dominion over the Earth, and over the humans that used to rule it. Mankind are fighting to survive.

Jenny just wants to go home, but finds herself caught up in a prophecy that leads her to the beautiful and dangerous Singeon, who harbours a world of dark secrets, and the stoic, otherworldly Arden who is seemlessly able to instil strength, peace and comfort into her grieving heart.

Torn with guilt over her burgeoning feelings for the two men who now eclipse her life, she struggles to maintain both her freedom and independence in the face of a fate she has no control over. But in this new world, trust is scarce, light does not always mean love, and the dark can hold the secrets of salvation.

To make matters worse, the effects of Project Veil still linger in Jenny's bloodstream. She's transforming into something ... non-human. And it seems as if her past is not as dead as she thought.

You can keep up to date with this project, either on my own website, or over at the series blog site, ProjectVeil.co.uk


  1. Ooooo this book sounds cool and very interesting. I can't wait to read more! :-D

  2. Thank you :) Can't wait to get stuck into it! x