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Monday, 13 August 2012

Another un-interesting post

Would anyone be surprised to hear that I don't have an interesting subject for today? It's becoming a little habit, but with everything that is going on about the moment, all I've got his a whole lot of silence . . . and waiting . . . and working . . . and trying to write with tiredness.

Hardly interesting. The only fun thing I am doing at the moment is trying to figure out what to spend my birthday money on. You think it would be simple, but it's actually rather hard, and that is due to the fact that there is nothing I really need at the moment. A got a 200 item wishlist of things I would like, or want, but I'm having a guilt complex things.

I keep thinking, "I shouldn't just buy stuff that I want, because well, it seems a little pointless." But I know for a fact that if I leave my money where it is it will end up getting used on bills etc. which naturally defeats the point have being given money to treat yourself. O_o

I tell you what I did get, Charmed: Season 3. Did anyone use to watch that programme? I watched the later series and then decided I actually wanted all of them so a friend of mine has been getting me a season a year. I love that programme. I think the world building is so cool for it, and I love the fact that the sisters have actual powers.

I think I want to write a story involving magic at some point. I have ideas written in my journal. No idea when I will get to them, but I definitely think it is a "must write" element.

So, anyone have any cool ideas on what I could spend my birthday money on? Books/eBooks are definitely the first lot of items on the list :-P

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