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Monday, 10 September 2012

Custom made jewellery

This week I am taking part in the "Bitten by Paranormal Romance & Gabrielle Bisset" blog hop! The hop runs from September 13th - 16th and I'm going to be giving away two different sets of swag including one of these very beautiful, custom made "Blood Series" necklaces.

The tag says "I run with Werewolves."
Don't you just love it??
(Both of these pictures were taken by Ashlyn and were sent to me so I could, naturally, see her beautiful work. I'm posting these pictures because the only camera I have is on my mobile and the silly thing really wont do these beautiful pieces any justice. Plus, they are currently in the mail, and I desperately wanted to show these beauties off.)

The wonderful Ashlyn Chase made both of these necklaces for me after I gave her an essay in regards to The Blood Series. I really wanted to have series themed jewellery. The problem was that naturally there are a lot of hit paranormal series out there at the moment, and all of them have jewellery made.

I desperately wanted something different from all that merchandise, and Ashlyn has done a really fab job in achieving that. Thank you so much, Ashlyn! :-D

Technically, these are the only two necklaces made at the moment. I decided I wanted to purchase some every now and again for competitions, but I have to say I am totally in love with them and actually want some for myself. Ha. For now I plan to buy a couple - or so - a year and give them away in big competitions.

I love the black moon, and blood drops. So yum!

One of these necklaces will be up for grabs in this weeks blog hop, and the other I am saving for the Halloween blog hop I am involved in next month.

I do hope you will join me - and all the other authors participating in the hop - this Thursday to Sunday. I'm going to be talking about the heroes from all three of my paranormal books, and sharing excerpts from each book as well as giving away some goodies. Plus, there are a lot of awesome prizes to be won from each of the blogs. So, definitely worth a look. :-D

Ashlyn's Etsy Shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop/AshlynsImagination?ref=top_trail - She really does some beautiful pieces and at fab prices.