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Friday, 19 October 2012

Authors Interacting With Readers... Is it a good thing?

It's one of those tricky subjects, but one that has become essential to think about since the boom of eBooks and online networking. It's so easy to interact with authors nowadays, even New York Times bestselling authors.

But it's something that's still hard to get right, or maybe even to understand.

I interact with readers (and other authors) the most via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - especially Facebook. When people purposely Like my author page, I make a (possibly wrong) assumption that they would also like to interact - at the end of the day, they can choose whether they do or don't.

I find Goodreads much harder to fathom. It was originally built for readers, not for authors, but has become a huge author playground. From what I can gather, some readers on there like this interaction and some readers don't. I don't go on Goodreads much. I admit there have been a couple of times when I have tried to interact with readers via Goodreads (even just pressing that Like button on their reviews), and I'm not sure that I've done the "right" thing. Maybe you all just want to be left alone to read on Goodreads without knowing that occasionally I do get on there and see your awesome reviews ;)

And I stay as far away from Amazon forums as possible - those places are Hell on earth!

In short, aside from on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where my readers invariably make the first move at interaction, I have decided not to try and engage with readers so much.

What are your experiences engaging with either authors or readers? Do you enjoy it? Do you make the first move? Do you keep yourself to yourself? Do you wish anything about social networking for authors and readers was different?

Have a good weekend, folks ;)

Dianna xxx

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