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Monday, 15 October 2012

Points of View

I finally got my butt in gear and started concentrating and working on my lil' side project last week. I managed to write 1.2k and as sad as it may seem I was super happy about that. The reason being that - as you may already know from reading any of my previous posts - I've been settling in to a new job, and then I've had some crazy personal/family problems that have been getting me down, and basically sucking the energy out of me.

So, I sit down and write 1.2k. I go to bed feeling good, wake up feeling great. I get to work with a plan to come home and continue and what happens . . . I hit a wall. Fantastic.

I don't know about anyone else, but not being able to write - especially when you would love too - plain sucks, and kinda makes you feel a little crazy. Well, it makes me feel a little crazy, especially when I have had such a long break between projects, and have books that I both want and need to write since a couple of them are in series.

Needless to say I didn't get much else done last week.

I started late today, because it was my day off and I had company, but when I finally did sit down at the computer I figured out what was basically bugging me was the POV.

Now, I have written two stories and a short in third person. I can write it, and I can make it work, but I find I really do prefer first person. Don't get me wrong I enjoy books written in both POV and as I just said I can write both, but there is something freeing about first person. There is something intimate about being in the characters head. I mean, maybe I am just really nosey and/or controlling because I love being at the heart of a character. I love picking them to pieces, and although I know all my characters very well I don't feel that connection with characters written in third.

Does that make sense? Do you find you favour one POV more than the other; that one is easier?

The good news is I did manage to add 500 words to my lil' WIP because I spent most of my time today changing the POV, but hey, 500 words is better than none, right? I'm hoping that now I have changed the POV it will be smooth sailing, or rather, writing. The project will only be a sexy short story at the length of 3/4k. So, I could actually finish it within the next day or so, which I will really like.

Wish me luck! I am up to the part where my heroine is about to lock eyes with a sexy stranger; one who turns out to be a demon in bed. ;-p

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