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Friday, 12 October 2012

Perceptions and Deceptions: The Drunk Lady and The Lost Swan

I had nothing to blog about last night. This morning I thought, "Powers That Be, please help me out here - my mind is blank - I don't want to spend every blog  post talking about how much I hate pigeon-holing my books into genres!"

They listened :)

I was walking my daughter to school today, and we were walking through the car park of her school, which is also the car park of a very large park, with a huge pond to the left, where you find ducks, geese, swans and some other birds...

And there in the middle of the car park was a cygnet. Probably a "teenager" in swan years - it still had its baby grey colouring, but was almost full grown swan size. It was clearly lost and trying to find its way back to the pond and its mother. I slowed the pushchair down so as not to scare it - swans are known for attacking if they're frightened or angry. Of course, my daughter was intrigued.

To my left, there suddenly appeared a drunk man, looking fairly pissed off to be awake first thing in the morning, strutting / waddling into the car park with a beer can in one hand and a humongous beer gut. My first reaction was "Ew..." followed by, "I have my daughter sandwiched between a could-be unpredictable swan, and a could-be unpredictable drunk man."

As the events played out in front of me, I realised that I had made a huge error of judgement. Huge. Which, although maybe understandable because I was thinking about the safety aspects with my daughter around, was also mildly annoying because I like to think I'm not a judgemental person... Firstly, the drunk man was a drunk woman (my bad!). Secondly, the drunk and the swan immediately formed some kind of connection. She started to speak to it and coaxed it back towards the pond. I immediately thought of the story, The Ugly Duckling. The drunk woman, maybe because she was drunk, had no fear of the swan and no barriers up at all. In return the swan gave her its trust and followed her back to the pond. The drunk woman was the ugly duckling - she had been a little girl once, undoubtedly playing make believe that she would one day be a princess, or the superhero... For a split second there, she sort of was the superhero...

We form so many judgements about everything, based on what we are conditioned with - based on what we think we should see; on what others want us to see... It stops us from seeing the truth. I wonder, when the time comes, who will actually be the one to destroy The Witching Pen, or if it will even be destroyed at all.

Let's hope so... because it's time to wake up. The drunk woman and me are not that different - we both have a problem fitting into society. But whereas I immerse myself in writing, she immerses herself in alcohol. The only difference is the reaction; the response to life; how we cope. I wonder if any of us are really that different from each other.

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