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Friday, 14 December 2012

Leaving 2012 Behind...

I'm jumping on Elizabeth's bandwagon here, and posting about 2013, with a look at everything that 2012 has brought.

I cannot believe that it was only this year, in January 2012, that The Sands Of Time was published. Gwain and Mary's story hadn't even been told, Wilted had not been written...

Just the other week, I was thinking that not a lot had happened this year, but when I sit down and think about it, I realise such an awful lot has.

The Witching Pen trilogy is finally starting to get some attention. The first book in the trilogy is still free, and I have decided that it will remain so, because it has stayed in the top #100 free titles of the Romance/Fantasy section. It's never dipped below that. That free book is still bringing in a new audience, so it shall remain free until such a time when it ceases to do that.

Releasing The Wolf is sitting pretty at around the paid #10,000 mark. It went over 10,000 about a week after publication and hasn't really dipped too much. Needless to say, I'm excited about writing book two, Cry Of The Wolf.

And I'm extremely excited about The Last Dragon - and apprehensive. I hope to god I tell that story well because, if you've been following the characters, you'll know it's gonna be one hell of a story  ... an intricate one...

2013, for me, is going to be about chilling out and letting go a little. In 2012, I focused so much on writing and the stories. I obsessed about getting it all done on time, and getting it just right, building my readership and getting all the marketing right. In 2013, I'd like to relax a little and just let the stories themselves do a little more work. My family have been so patient with me this year. I'd like everything that I put into place in 2012 to start to work for itself a little. I deserve that, and my family deserves that.

So that will be my motto for 2013 - CHILL OUT. Hold me to it, because I will need reminding :)

Dianna xxx

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