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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bucket List

I kinda didn't post yesterday and the honest truth is I forgot until I got in to bed and my head hit the pillow and I had a "damn it," moment. So, I apologize for missing my day.

I'm afraid this post is going to be another "random thoughts" type of post, because lately I have been doing a lot of think about my future. It seems sort of crazy to say that because in a way I am always thinking about my future, but I find that so far this year I have been looking at my life, and then life in general and seriously thinking about what I want; and I mean the type of deep, proper grown-up type of thinking.

You see, as silly as it may sound I sometimes forget that I am the age I am, which isn't old, but I am able to do anything I want unlike when I was a teenager. My teens years were horrible - as I am sure most peoples were - and naturally, I did a lot of dreaming, but stuff has change. My priorities have changed. Things I didn't want, or wasn't interested in back then have turned in to things I really want.

Basically, I have spent the first four months of 2013 thinking how funny life is. How when you're a teenager time drags. Life seems so complicated and hard, and then BAM you're an adult and time is flying quicker with each year and life is severely complicated and messed up.

This no doubt sounds rather trivial to many people. A lot of people tend to go with the flow, but I have always been a deep thinker and find that I need goals. I need direction and focus otherwise I feel very lost. I feel like I'm just floating along with no point of purpose, and it isn't a feeling I like very much.

So, I have spent the beginning of 2013 creating a bucket list for myself, but mine kinda takes on the form of a really large cork-board with a ton of pictures etc stuck on it. From tattoos I want to the countries I plan to visit, and then to the big goals in life such as marriage, kids and what I hops to achieve in my career.

It's nice to see your goals set out before you. Make everything so much clearer and possible. It gives direction and purpose. Somehow it makes life seem a little less crazy, because it really is if you actually stop and take the time to think about it.

If you were to create a bucket list what would you put on it? Give me one small trivial want and one big important goal.

My small trivial want: an ankh tattoo on my left forearm.

Big Goal: to work with Tim Burton one day.

Hey, it might sound crazy, but hell, I think the man is brilliant, I've been a fan since I saw Edward Scissorhands at the age of 5, and it would be an honour and a dream come true. So, why the heck shouldn't I aim that high? :-P

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