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Friday, 10 May 2013

A hundred guest posts coming up...

Well, not quite! But I'm copping out today and instead of a post on here, I'm giving you my blogging schedule to date, which will become much more full now, thanks to my awesome new PR Manager.

Don't miss out on some things below, including the EXCLUSIVE FIRST EXCERPT of The Last Dragon over at Fiction Fascination on 6th June, and the cover reveal for Heart Of The Wolf, on 30th June. Lots coming up!

End of May (date TBC) - guest post over at Paranormal Book Club

6th June - Author interview and EXCLUSIVE FIRST EXCERPT of The Last Dragon, over at Fiction Fascination.

13th June - 20 Questions over at Love Books? Blog Books!

30th June - Cover Reveal for Heart Of The Wolf (Eye of The Storm #3), plus guest post on book three, over at Fiction Fascination.

4th October - The Last Dragon release day

4th and 5th October - Indie Romance Convention, Lebanon TN (book signing / chats via Skype), and exclusive giveaway and SWAG from me for those attending.

31st December - Heart Of The Wolf release day (tentative date which may go into 2014)

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