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Thursday, 16 May 2013

I have a mini canvas/easel!

 It's Thursday and I'm posting? Yes, Dianna is away at the moment and I didn't post on Monday because I suck. My shifts at work were extended due to a colleague being sick. So, I've been too tired to think straight the last couple of days, but thankfully Dianna has let me pinch her spot.

Mini canvas/easel. Look how cute it is!!!
It was my day off today so I went shopping with my mother. It was a nice day out and I bought myself a mini easel and canvas. It's the size of my hand, and it's all cute and small, and is sitting in front of my computer.

Why buy a mini canvas/easel? Because it really is cute, but more to the point I use to paint and draw a lot. I'm not fantastic at it. I can't draw faces, so I leave them blank. I think it is a little more interesting that way, but that's just my opinion. I feel that there is a childlike quality to everything I do, which you can see for yourself below, but even though I am not fantastic at art there is something therapeutic about drawing/painting. It's a nice way to spend my time.

Soul mates
(I copied this off a picture I found. I think it turned out rather well)

(Same as above. I copied this from an encyclopaedia I have. I love Greek mythology.)

Lady by Moonlight


I haven't done either in a very long time, but I've been thinking about taking it up again. So, I thought I would start with the mini easel and make something cute and simple for my work space.

Any suggestions?

(All pictures - apart from those that I have stated were copied from other sources - are the result of my own imagination.)


  1. LOVE them! I used to paint and sketch too :) But if I wanted to get my art stuff out now, I'd have to sleep in the loft :s

    Thanks so much for taking over my Thursday spot!

    1. Thanks, hun. lol yeah, artwork really does take up space, doesn't it?

      No worries. Thanks for letting me. :-) xx