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Monday, 6 May 2013


I hope everyone in the UK had a nice Bank Holiday Monday. The weather has been lovely today, which is why I have spent most of it in the garden "trying" to get the place tidy. Not easy to do when you're not very good at the whole gardening thing.

My gardening is basically hack everything back so it is tidy and can grow again, dig anything up that shouldn't be where I want it to be, and mow the grass, which I actually enjoy doing.

Yes, it is surprising that my garden is still in a fairly decent state, and can be classed as a garden, but hey, someone's got to tidy the place up now winter has decided to bugger off.

Any way, I spent the morning and a good half of the afternoon in the garden, and I have to say it was lovely to be outside in the heat, and with the sun . .  . Oh sun, how you have been missed. . . but I always find I get somewhat nostalgic on sunny days. That will no doubt sound odd since we go through a mass amount of sunny days in summer, but every now and again I will stop long enough to think about how much I miss hanging out with my best friend.

Since childhood right up to our early twenties my friend and I would just laze around in her garden with drinks and snacks and . . . I don't know, it's not like it was some big exciting thing sitting in the garden and lapping up the sunshine, but I miss do that. Something so simple and nice, and I miss it. Another reason why I need to sort my garden out; I miss hanging outside.

So, what have y'all been up to on this fine day? And what odd things do you find make you feel a little nostalgic?

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