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Monday, 9 September 2013

Lucky omen or mascot? Nope, I have angels. :-)

Dianna's question for me today: Do you have a lucky omen or mascot that helps you write?

The short answer would be no. I don't really feel I need a particular item with me, or that I need to see or do anything before I can write. But one thing that I did actually decide on at the beginning of this year was to put positive items around and on my desk.

As some of you may know - through one of my earlier posts - I suffer from depression. I use to think it was just that I was sad. I spent my entire teenage years thinking that, but it wasn't until my mum - who suffers from OCD - read something out to me about it. I googled the symptoms and when I read the list is actually dawned on me that the reason I sometimes feel tearful, low, helpless, hopeless, restless, and don't want to do anything at all, not even get out of bed, is because I do have depression and it is a lot more debilitating that what I thought it was.

And what it is is a major energy suck, which is one of the symptoms along with losing interest in your hobbies and things you usually enjoy, ie. writing, which is something I naturally love doing. I have actually found it rather difficult to concentrate these last two years and I know it is a little to do with stuff that is going on with my personal life/family and my work, but basically, my depression plays a big part.

I was brought up in a very open minded family, well, the half I spent the majority of my youth growing up with were very open minded. My beliefs are still rather open, I suppose. I believe in fate. I believe we all have a reason to be here. I believe in soul-growth, in reincarnation. I believe in energy, and spirits, and I believe in angels. Anyone who has followed me for quite sometime and has read some of my guest post may remember the ones that I wrote when my angel book "The Collector" was released. I talked a little about my beliefs then.

Why am I talking about depression and beliefs all of a sudden? Don't worry I'm not going off point, I just needed to state all of the above so that when I tell you that I decided to make one side of my desk in to an angel altar you might understand rather than think I'm crazy.

What's an angel alter? It's basically a space in your house - a desk, shelf, windowsill etc - that you choose to make into a tranquil space. A lot of people use them to help with meditation. They bring a sense of calm to the room, I find.

I realize to some people this may sound a little crazy, but just think of it as a positive corner. They're very easy to make. I have a couple of candles, some stones (rose quartz, moonstones etc) I have a couple of angel figurines, my favourite being my angel Michael, which I purchased at a Mind, Body and Spirit fair. You can add plants, flowers, water features, statues of fairies or in my case some mini Buddha. Anything you like that makes you feel at peace of uplifted. The goal is to create a space which brings high energy, and peace . . . Things that I have found I need now I'm older and I have finally accepted that when I feel like shit and I'm in a place that I can't get myself out of, it's okay. I'm having a bad day. So, I light a candle and I sit in my positive space and I tell myself I'm going to be fine tomorrow, and nine out of ten times I am.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I put my alter on my desk, next to my computer, my place of work and pleasure, because writing is what I love. When I am not at work - the retail job - I'm sat here at this desk trying to make things happen, and because it has been hard making words flow for longer that I like to admit, I need that positive energy, I need to feel at peace and capable of doing anything.

So, it's not that I have a lucky omen or a mascot; I don't have anything I feel I need to have to write, but what I do have is a handful of angels sitting around my desk keeping this area clear and positive because my desk is where my energy is needed the most. :-)


  1. Alters aren't strange - have had a few in my time for different purposes ;) Oh, wait... maybe *we're* strange :s xxx

    1. I'm afraid we are a little on the odd side, dear. ;-P xxx