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Monday, 20 January 2014

Cocktails and Heroes

Another fabulous question of Dianna this week: If the hero in your latest book was a cocktail, what cocktail would he be?

Cameron the hero for my January 28th release Truth or Dare? is just a whole lot or yummy badness. He has a wicked tongue - in more ways than one - and will definitely make your knees go weak.

I have to say I had a lot of fun looking through Cocktail lists to see which I think would fit his description:

Blow Job was the first, because you so definitely would if he begged you too. Baileys Irish cream, kahlua and whipped cream, that's one heck of a mouthful . . . Oh yes, I'm thinking of Cameron as I'm typing this. ;-P

A Quick Fuck, I think this one appealed to me more because of Dani's opinions of Cameron and what she thinks he is after. A shooter made of one part coffee liqueur like Kahlua, one part midori liqueur and one part bailey irish cream. Sure to give you a burst of energy, but the come down might knock your stomach off.

Although the above two cocktails sound fun, and delicious, well the cocktail that Cameron would be is most definitely the Screaming Orgasm.

Cameron is the type of man you can look at and basically get a little drunk off. His gaze will turn your legs to jelly, and his smile . . . Oy. He basically gets you going with his words, and by the time you get to the main event you're half gone already. He is more than capable of delivering. Baileys, Amaretto, cream, kahlua, or some variations contain vodka, amaretto, triple sec, white creme de cacao. Now that's a mixture that will get you all hot and tingly, and once its through your system, I'm pretty sure you will be sedated and happy. ;-P

~ * ~

Truth or Dare?


Do you dare tell the truth?

A tequila fuelled game of Truth or Dare is not Dani’s idea of fun, but when Cameron, the jerk who rejected her a year ago is the one provoking her into playing, how can she say no? Not that he’s giving her the option in the first place.

Bravado compels her forward, but when the dares get physical and their friends leave them alone, Cameron’s questions turn to her feelings for him, and unfortunately, lying is not part of the game.

Will a dare give Dani the courage she needs to tell Cameron the truth?

Releasing January 28th from Decadent Publishing!

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