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Monday, 6 January 2014

What will the first paragraph of the year be?

Hope you all had a fab New Year, mine was pretty relaxed. This is my first post of 2014 and Dianna asked me a fab questions: What's the first paragraph you have written or are going to write this year?

Well, I spent the first five days of 2014 in Northern Ireland, attending my cousins wedding, and visiting family. I got back yesterday and basically unpacked, and checked emails - one of which contained the cover to my upcoming short story "Truth or Dare?" and I have to say that I love it! Can't wait to share - and relaxed. Today was spent on taking down the tree and catching up on a few things.

So, the short answer is I have not yet written my first paragraph of 2014. I'd love to say that the paragraph will be the first in a brand spanking new story, but if you caught my post last Monday - which is technically last year . . . mind blowing O_o - you will know that my main - and well, only goal - for this year is to edit/tweak/polish She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood, which are the first books in my Blood Series, so that I can self-publish them. The plan is then to start writing the untitled sequel. So, I guess in a way I might write a new paragraph in a new book this year, but it wont be the first of 2014.

I predict that my first paragraph will be added to She-Wolf while I am tidying it up and improving it. So, it could be a super sexy snip between my leading Werewolves, some form of action while the pack try to figure out who keeps dumping mutilated bodies in their territory, or it could be some amazing description of a tree. I don't yet know what this first paragraph of the year will be, but as I plan to start on She-Wolf this week there is a good chance I will be possibly sharing the mystery paragraph at the end of next weeks post. ;-P

And just in case you're wondering what She-Wolf and Cranberry Blood are about, here are the blurbs:

(The Blood Series Prequel)

Paranormal Erotic Romance - Self Published - I'm aiming for summer (July/August)

Dealing with the Rogue werewolves terrorizing his Pack... simple. Trying to convince his mate he does want to be with her... bloody impossible.

Owen MacLaren, might be the Alphas son and the Packs second but he has never been one to let anything get to him. So when a bunch of Rogues begin purposely dumping mutilated bodies around the Pack Keep, he is more than ready to deal with the Werewolves responsible. But one trip to a local strip joint for a colleagues stag night changes things, and Owen soon discovers he isn’t immune to everything...

After five years away Clare Walker finds herself back home, in Scotland.... working in a strip club. The tips are decent and she gets to dance, but it isn't a place she thought she would ever be, let alone Owen, her Pack second and the Werewolf who broke her heart.

Although Owen is determined to prove he wants to be with her, things can't go smoothly between them, not when they have past issues to sort out, and a bunch of unusual 'Rogues'... to deal with.    
Cranberry Blood
(Book 1 in The Blood Series)

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance - Self Published - I'm aiming for summer (July/August)


Killing Vampires? Easy. Tracking someone? Simple. Helping, and protecting a Vampire slayer... Bloody hard work!

Thirteen years ago, Brendan Daniels made a deal with a psychic. In exchange for information on the whereabouts of a Rogue Werewolf, he promised to help and protect Sofia's granddaughter. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he was getting himself, or his Pack, into.

Nothing about Heather is simple, from her weird dietary needs to her life’s mission. The girl can handle herself, but the promise to protect her soon becomes a need, and one that he can't fully understand.
Vampire Slayer. Born Infected. Blood addict... but not by choice.
Heather Ryan is the most recent slayer in a long family line. Like all before her, she has spent her life searching for her ancestor, Marko Pavel, the Vampire her family has sworn to kill. If that isn't complicated enough, Heather is also a born "Infected", and to keep her from becoming insane or giving in to her darker side, she is on a very strict diet.

Grandmother Sofia has passed, so now it is up to Heather to take the family legacy into her own hands, all alone: or at least, it would have been, if her Grandmother hadn't sent a Werewolf to help her.

What is the irritating Brendan supposed to help Heather with? Sofia never told either one of them. But it doesn't take long for Heather and Brendan to find out that the Vampires have big plans, and that the fiends have waited a long time for them both.

Re-releasing Summer 2014!

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