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Thursday, 15 May 2014

We've had a blog makeover!

I have not been on here blogging recently, partly due to a crazy schedule, but also due to the fact that I've not been connecting with the blog so much. It's something I've been wanting to remedy, and what better remedy is there, sometimes, than a complete makeover? :D

Not Just A Stiff Upper Lip was set up because Elizabeth and I wanted to bring a bit of Britain to you, namely, the passionate, sensual Britain - yes, it exists - and also "paranormal Britain" because we both write paranormal elements within our stories, which are almost all set in the UK.

I've been hearing this around the internet quite a lot the past year: Brits? Passionate? Not.

Whenever I post up a promo for my werewolf series, with the strapline "Lusty, British werewolves live in the Surrey Hills", some smartarse likes to make some quip about how "Lusty" and "British" don't go together.

Well, maybe I've just led a very ... er ... fun life then! Throughout my late teens and twenties I was introduced to a lot of lust and that was right here in Albion. I don't think I've ever had a boyfriend who didn't feel things on some deep level; who wasn't sensual...

My point is, I have never seen Britain or its people as dispassionate, and it's a damn shame if the rest of the world does, because it's simply not true - not by a long shot ;)

It was my idea for a blog makeover, and I wanted it to reflect fun and flirty; sensual, full of life and lots of things to tell.

And maybe I'll feel like blogging again now :)

Dianna xxx

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